When shopping for a used vehicle, the process can be overwhelming as many uncertainties arise. At Malloy Clearance Center, we are here to provide you with clarity, answer your used car questions, and alleviate any stressors that may clutter your mind regarding the purchase of your new vehicle. Our hard-working team knows oh-so-well that there are many different factors in buying a used car, including prices, specifications, features, history, etc. You may be wondering what exactly to bring or what to expect when planning a visit to your local used car lot in Winchester VA? With this in mind, we have taken the initiative to create a "Buying a Used Car Checklist" to break down every aspect of how to seamlessly acquire your dream car. While visiting Malloy Clearance Center, you can count on our friendly staff to provide a transparent environment and a smooth buying process from start to finish. Check out the steps we have compiled, in the hope of making every minute of your car-buying experience more enjoyable for you and your family.


Buying a Used Car Checklist:

Driver's License

Be sure that your license is registered in the same state as where you will be registering your used vehicle. The only exception being the Armed Forces, as they can have their licenses issued in any state. 

Current Registration

If you are trading in a car, truck, SUV, or van and still happen to have a lien against that model, or if you are looking to put your current license plates on your new vehicle for purchase, bring your registration along with your visit.  

Proof of Insurance

It is important to bring your current insurance card with you when purchasing your vehicle. This card shall display the name of whoever is buying the car as well as whomever's name is on the title. 

Title of Trade-In

If you are trading in a vehicle that has a bank lien, be sure to bring that vehicle's title. If you have more questions regarding the trade-in process, as it can vary from state-to-state, contact our sales department at 844-592-1097.


You will need to bring your wallet, checkbook, cash, or another form of payment if you are looking to make a down payment or purchase an extended service contract. Be prepared with your currency, and bring along any co-signers or co-owners involved in the purchase.


We want you to relax to the max when shopping for your used car in Winchester VA. To have more peace of mind, we recommend you first sit down with our expert finance department and determine your fiscal options. Consider which model will best fit your personal budget. While you may be drawn to the spacious Hyundai Santa Fe, the smart choice may be the reliable and efficient Ford Fusion. We are excited to help you find the pre-owned or used car that you have always wanted, and when it comes to cost, you can rest assured knowing that we follow a "no dealer fee" policy, meaning we always offer you the fairest price. It is also essential to have an idea of which car, truck, or SUV model will best suit the demands of your driving life. Do you have a lengthy commute to work, carpool the kids around, or prefer off-roading on the weekends? We have a variety of body styles to meet your driving needs, from the sporty Toyota RAV4 to the on-the-go Chevrolet Cruz or perhaps the convenient Ford F-150 for towing and hauling on the job. Feel free to ask the experts about which vehicle will serve you best.


Our friendly staff at your destination for buying a used car is happy to guide you through our vast inventory and set you up to test drive whichever models pique your interest. Remember to bring along all parties involved in your purchase. If you have a friend or family member that is going to be on the title of your vehicle, planning to co-sign, or co-own your used car, bring them along for the adventure. Buying a used car from a dealer in Winchester VA can be fun when you know to expect, so let the good times roll! Here at Malloy Clearance Center, we look forward to elevating your driving life and embarking on this new journey together! Be sure to double-check our "Buying a Used Car Checklist" to prepare for the excitement. Visit us today, and let's discover your options!